Artificial intelligence has long stood side by side with humanity, helping it to develop more progressively and influence global technology development.

Back in 2018, the Lifeasapa Foundation identified the SYPWAI project as one of the most promising in this area. As a result, the young startup received a grant of $ 90 million. The company directors are Ngo Bao Chau and Abdigani Diriye. In their opinion, it is critically important for the young generation to learn to live in the world of interaction between information technologies and humans, artificial intelligence, and data analysis.

Sypwai discussion

For a long time, the startup was not public. More than 3000 developers from all over the world and a huge number of scientists in various fields of science contributed to its development. Everything so that SYPWAI can quickly spread its wings.

Finally, in October 2020, the startup became available to the general public. From that moment, active work began to improve our common world of the future.

SYPWAI is headquartered in London, where a large number of highly qualified specialists are based, working on the active optimization of all business processes.

SYPWAI technologies in solving various problems

It is no secret that AI has been developing especially rapidly over the last decade. SYPWAI did not stand aside and, through a detailed study of the needs of the world community, was able to determine its niche.

The slogan that lies in the name of the startup “Solve your problem with AI” speaks for itself. A really large number of today’s pressing problems can be solved precisely thanks to the competent application of innovative machine training technologies.

Thanks to a detailed study of options for the activities implementation, SYPWAI managed to find its way. The startup deals with issues of regulation and optimization of processes at production facilities. Automation in enterprises can not only increase the number of products produced, save people from hard, dangerous work but also change human resources in favor of faster automated processes with fewer production defects. Moreover, machine intelligence technologies can help reduce the amount of waste that pollutes not only the earth but also the atmosphere.

It is necessary to say about the SYPWAI mission in the preservation of the planet. So, a startup is actively introducing its ideas to solve various environmental problems. For example, the introduction of green energy on an especially large scale to save energy resources; optimization of energy consumption, which will subsequently help to reduce the costs of enterprises. SYPWAI also introduced a program to clean up the world’s oceans. As a result, it is possible to preserve not only rare species of animals and fish but also to purify the waters.

In addition, the British startup is working on the development of AI in various fields, such as: medicine, robotics, cynology, inclusion and many others.

SYPWAI’s mission is to solve problems of various scales using neural networks.

How SYPWAI works and the Raspberry Pi device

SYPWAI is the first startup company to employ ordinary people in its work. The user does not need to be an artificial intelligence expert or narrowly focused professional. It is enough to have a desire to develop and learn how everything works from the inside and any convenient gadget – a tablet, a laptop, a smartphone and a stable Internet connection.

Raspberry Pi

The startup has designed a convenient platform where, after a quick registration, users can join the neural network training process and personally observe the path of its development.

To become a member, you need to purchase a special device that works based on a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, download the app, read the QR code located on the inside of the device box and follow the further steps.

The idea of using a mini-computer was implemented precisely so that a user from any location could start training AI. Huge databases simply will not fit into the internal memory of the gadget and will cause frequent failures in the operation of the device (a laptop or smartphone). This mini-computer is the best solution since the user does not need to download the bulk of the data. You just need to plug in your device and join the platform.

Before completing the tasks, you will need to pass a test to determine the level of the user’s intelligence for the optimal tasks’ selection. The task looks like a children’s educational game, where you need to show that a certain object is in a certain picture. In some tasks, you need to wind up your brain to answer correctly.

Many wondered why people should be interested in this, what are the benefits because everyone has something to spend their free time on. The main benefit is that by completing tasks for training neural networks, the user receives money. Payment is charged in cryptocurrency, which is an excellent opportunity to start investing (or transfer money to a personal account). That is, SYPWAI is not only about the development of artificial and personal intelligence, but also about good earnings, which does not require any specialized knowledge and a lot of time.

Work algorithms and examples of artificial intelligence training

As already mentioned, before performing tasks on the platform, the user must pass an intelligence test for the program to select the tasks that are optimal for him. That is, if a philology student trains AI, he will never get a task to determine the sequence of photosynthesis, just as a doctor will not get a task to determine the correctness of spelling and punctuation. Also, SYPWAI specialists have designed a special distribution system in which users who train the neural network are divided into two categories: general and special. Users of the general category go through tasks on general topics without going into details, while users of the special category receive detailed tasks of increased complexity in a narrow direction – physics, chemistry, mechanics, etc.

It would seem, how such tasks can train machine intelligence? Easily! AI requires detailed and very deep analysis to perform various special tasks. Moreover, before allowing AI to work, it is required to integrate with it a database with millions of algorithms for its thorough work.

AI training algorithm

The algorithm of the SYPWAI neural network functions like Facebook and Instagram. This means that the system identifies its user and, through his manipulations, can calculate that user X is a woman of 30-40 years old, who has a daughter of 0-5 years old. According to this data, the system understands what content and advertising will be of interest to this particular user. In summary, the algorithm will never show user X an ad for winter car tires or an ad for a lawnmower (of course, if the user was not previously interested in this product).

How to register on the SYPWAI platform

SYPWAI team has tried to make the login and the beginning of neural network training without complications and unnecessary information, as is usually the case. Log in to the platform is a kind of social network, where there is a button “register” and “log in”.

To register, the user needs to provide an email, username and password. After that, you need to confirm the email and indicate the mobile phone number. After that, the user should follow the further instructions.

In case of difficulties, the user can always contact either his regional manager or leave a request for technical support, which will promptly solve the problem and provide an answer/solution as soon as possible.

How to purchase a device

The device is available to everyone. Users have several options for cooperation with a startup. The most popular is the purchase of a device or part of the SYPWAI capacity.

You can buy a SYPWAI device either on the official website or from partner companies.

Payment is accepted by all available means: credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, G Pay, available cryptocurrencies, cheque, etc.

The device is dispatched within 1-2 days from the date of payment, but delivery takes from 5 days to several months. In this case, everything depends on the local carrier company and the recipient's region of residence.

How to become a member of the program

Anyone can join the SYPWAI program. Now, the platform is undergoing an active stage of testing with real users. Everything works stably, without major failures, and technical support at any time is ready to solve the problem that arises and the user then tells his impressions whether the problem was solved.

Today you can use the SYPWAI platform in a test format. To open access, you need to request a referral link from a regional manager, who will help with registration, tell the instructions and answer all your questions. From this moment begins an exciting journey into the world of artificial intelligence training. Sounds incredible!

First, the user will receive only general tasks that do not have a specific narrow specialization. Therefore, the test format is available to all age groups without restriction.

Now, the date of the official launch of the full-fledged program is not yet available to the public. SYPWAI wants to conduct a detailed analysis of the data received from the early participants to troubleshoot possible problems and bring the program to completion

Users’ reviews

SYPWAI needs to know the opinion of its users about the product they have designed, to collect a pool of tasks for further development over time. In turn, users actively share their experiences on the platform, which greatly helps the developers.

It is worth noting that users are divided into several groups:

  • some use the SYPWAI platform as a hobby. So, mentally resting after a hard day at work;
  • some realized that SYPWAI gives more earnings and, having left their previous job, completely switched to AI training;
  • there is also a third group of users, which can be called enthusiasts – people who do not pursue the goal of training a neural network or make money, but use the platform as an option for developing their own intelligence because such logical tasks stimulate the brain to generate more neural connections and activate gray matter…

On average, you can earn about $ 600 per month on the SYPWAI platform, and if you use the platform at full capacity, then the earnings can double.